06 January 2009

5S TOYOTA Plant in Japan

Japan is the state who publishing about 5's method... What is 5's??? 5's is belong by Japan's word... It's mean :-

S - Seiri
Sorting out and discarding of UNNECESSARY items in the work place
S - Seiton
Arrangement of necessary items into good order so that they can be easily selected use
S - Seiso
Cleaning up one's workplace completely so that there is no dust, rust, grease on floors, machines or equipment
S - Seiketsu
Maintaining one's workplace so that it is productive and comfortable by repeating SEIRI+SEITON+SEISO
S - Shitsuke
Training people to follow good work habits and the strict observation of workplace rules

This 5 stage are rules and roles for achieve of QUALITY work place... For your information, i've already done with the 5's Trainning... I know the detail of 5's and also i've practice in my lab... If you see on my lab, the are enough of labeling, signage and work line with the yellow tape.... Congratulation at me... hehehehe...


Another Japanese good practice

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